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Ever wondered what makes Devon a sought-after living destination for every member of the family, from toddlers to grandparents? 

Located along the North Saskatchewan River, this charming Alberta town is more than just a serene backdrop for your next family photo—it’s a growing community that has something to pique the interest of every age group. 

Whether you’re looking to embrace the peace of nature with your family or eager for an adventure with your friends, Devon has something special to offer. 

Let’s dive into the best things to do in Devon for families, young adults and seniors.

Best Things to Do in Devon For Families

Embarking on an adventure with your family in Devon means immersing yourselves in a mix of educational, natural, and fun-filled activities. 

Let’s start with the University of Alberta Botanic Garden. It’s a sprawling space where you can meander through themed gardens, including a serene Japanese garden. Imagine a picnic surrounded by the vibrant colors of myriad flowers, a great place for both relaxation and family snapshots.

On days when you want a blend of learning with leisure, swing by the Canadian Energy Museum. It goes beyond your typical exhibit experience – bring the family to uncover the stories behind Canada’s oil industry with hands-on displays.

Rabbit Hill Snow Resort is your go-to spot for seasonal sports. Whether carving down ski slopes in the winter, or biking through trails in the summer, there’s something to keep every family member active. 

For a closer encounter with nature, pitch your tent at the Devon Lions Campground. This is camping with a view, set by the scenic North Saskatchewan River; perfect for nature walks and evening campfires.

With a calendar dotted with family-friendly events and festivities, you’re sure to stumble upon some local cheer. If you’re inclined to wander further, nearby attractions within the Edmonton area like the Telus World of Science and Fort Edmonton Park await exploration. So, go ahead, let Devon be the backdrop for your family’s next tale of adventure.

Best Devon Activities for Young Adults

Are you ready to blend adventure with chill vibes in Devon, Alberta? Voyageur Park is your ultimate summer hangout spot, offering everything from a relaxing day by the river to adrenaline-pumping mountain biking trails. Picture yourself here on a sunny day, with the cool river inviting you for a swim or a fishing session.

For a burst of energy, challenge your friends to race you up the “Legs of Fire” stairs along the Devon River Valley Trail. You’ll get your heart racing while soaking up the stunning riverside views. Plus, hit the trails for an epic hike or run, perfect for that much-needed escape into nature.

Crave some beats and eats? DevonFest is the place to be. Immerse yourself in two days of country music, tempting food truck treats, and that laid-back beer garden atmosphere every August. It’s the ideal fusion of outdoor fun and cultural vibes.

By living so close to Edmonton, you’re also just a short drive away from an extended list of hotspots. Whether it’s the city’s vibrant concerts and festivals or the iconic Rogers Place and River Valley trails, they’re all within your reach.

Exploring, chilling, or getting your adrenaline fix – as a young adult in Devon, you’ve got a buffet of choices to make your time here unforgettable.

Best Things To Do For Seniors

Exploring Devon can be a delightful experience, especially for seniors looking to add some zest to their leisure time. You’ll find the University of Alberta Botanic Garden an excellent choice for a serene day out. Stroll through the immaculately designed Japanese gardens or relax amidst colorful floral arrangements.

In need of cultural stimulation or a good read? The Devon Public Library is your haven. It hosts programs that cater to your interests—think book clubs, light exercise, and social engagements that encourage connection and participation.

If immersing yourself in nature is your thing, Voyageur Park and Devon Lions Campgrounds are ideal for leisurely walks or bird watching. These parks are linked by scenic trails along the North Saskatchewan River.

Social butterflies will enjoy the JOY (Just Older Youth) Life Group at the Devon Community Church. This group meets weekly providing a space for fellowship, complete with lunches and coffee gatherings tailored to peers over 55.

For a taste of local heritage, visit the Devon Historical Museum, where you’ll get to explore Devon’s rich past, or head to the Canadian Energy Museum to learn about Canada’s oil industry in an engaging way.

Lastly, participating in community events gives you an opportunity to mingle, contribute, and enjoy various local activities. Whether it’s markets, concerts, or game nights, you’re sure to find something of interest.

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