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Picture yourself waking up to the serene chirps of nature in a vibrant community where the river bends and the landscapes call for adventure. That’s the allure of Devon, Alberta, a small town of 7,000 that lies along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. 

As we explore Devon’s charm further, you’ll discover the top five benefits that make this town not just a house-hunting destination but a community you may soon call home. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, seeking family-friendly living, or eyeing economic opportunities, Devon might just tick all your boxes. Let’s dive into what makes Devon, Alberta a place worth considering for your next move.

Strong Sense of Community

Ever felt like just a face in the crowd? That’s unlikely in Devon. With around 7,000 folks calling it home, the sense of belonging is tangible here. People look out for one another, and the town’s shared vigilance is one major reason why.

You’ll instantly notice the warmth that characterizes this small town, where neighbors take moments to greet each other. Devon’s residents are known for their friendliness and community spirit, often coming together through the Neighbourly Devon initiatives for events and socials.

Shared history ties the community together, too. Devon’s origins as a planned oil boom town is a source of local pride, woven into the identity of its people. But it’s not only about the past; residents of Devon lead an active lifestyle. They’re regularly seen on the town’s 14km trail system or participating in events at the community centre – these activities aren’t just for staying fit but also for strengthening community bonds.

Think of attending Devon Days, where you’ll enjoy the vibe of live music, and maybe even be swept up by the spirit of the parade. Or picture yourself at the farmers’ market, where you can chat with local vendors and bump into neighbors. All these facets of Devon life enrich your day-to-day with that sought-after community connection.


Quality Education Opportunities

If you’re considering a move to Devon and top-notch education for your kids is high on your checklist, then you’re in luck. Devon is home to 5 well-respected public schools known for their solid academic programs. Not only do these schools boast qualified teachers and a commitment to student engagement, but they also encourage community involvement, making the educational experience here a collective effort.

Now, let’s say you’re eyeing more personalized attention for your child’s learning journey. With access to private institutions known for their tailored educational approaches, Devon might just tick that box too. Schools like Devon Christian School often feature smaller class sizes, which can be a huge benefit for one-on-one learning.

What about post-secondary education? While Devon itself does not host post-secondary institutions, it offers convenient access to several reputable options in Edmonton, just a 30-40 minute drive away. This includes the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and various universities, with some providing the flexibility of distance or online learning.

Remember, choosing a home in Devon places you in a nurturing educational environment. This is a place where opportunities for a quality education aren’t just available; they are crafted with care, taking into account your child’s future and the community’s values.

Job and Career Opportunities

Devon’s economy thrives on the oil industry, a significant source of employment that not only includes direct work in oil operations but also spans various supporting roles like construction and technical services. But it isn’t just about oil! Innovation is in the air, with facilities like the Devon Research Centre pushing the boundaries in technology and contributing to a robust job sector beyond oil and gas.

Thinking about logistics or manufacturing? Devon’s strategic location makes it a hub, linking you to major cities like Edmonton and Calgary, perfect for transportation and logistical careers. And let’s not forget the local institutions – the Devon General Hospital and schools inject opportunities right into the community’s heart, offering a spectrum of roles from healthcare to education.

Plus, if you’re in the mood for a short commute, Edmonton’s dynamic job market is just a ride away with big names like Amazon Web Services and Infosys searching for professionals.

Don’t worry about the job hunt grind – all of the above opportunities indicate that finding work here might not be as tough as you think. 

Easy Access to Transportation

Living in Devon, Alberta puts you at the crossroads of convenience when it comes to getting around. Highway 19 and Highway 60 serve as vital transport arteries, ensuring you can zip into Edmonton or make your way to the majestic vistas of Jasper with ease. The daily buzz of 60,000 vehicles testifies to the reliability of these routes.

Upgrades are on the horizon, too, with initiatives like the twinning of Highway 19, set to smooth out your commute even more. Imagine less time in traffic and more time for what matters to you. 

Plans to improve car commuting are also in motion, with goals to transform Highway 60 into a free-flowing freeway, making your trips even quicker.

But If you’re not one to drive, you won’t be left behind. Public transport is evolving, with Devon part of the Edmonton Metropolitan Transit Services Commission, pledging to bring regional bus services right to your doorstep. This and more are just a taste of the connectivity you can expect commuting to and from Devon.

To top it off, living here means you’re only a stone’s throw from the Edmonton International Airport – 10 minutes, and you’re there! This hub of air travel isn’t just for flying out to sandy beaches; it’s a gateway for international business and freight, linking Devon to the world. Whether you’re planning a vacation or looking out for your business, you’re covered.

Live in Devon with the help of Alquinn Homes

When you’re contemplating a new chapter in your life, Devon, Alberta stands as a beacon of tranquility and the heart of community living. Imagine starting your day with the soothing sounds of nature, a luxury that becomes your daily routine in a new Alquinn-built home in the South Ravines. Custom-built homes are nestled in an environment that lets you savor a peaceful, secluded lifestyle, without sacrificing the vibrancy of a tight-knit town.

By moving to Devon, you’re not just finding a new house. You’re uncovering a home where memories will bloom and life is to be savored. If tranquil mornings and a close community appeal to you, Devon’s allure, magnified by the homes offered by Alquinn, could be your calling. To embark on this journey, reach out and take the first step towards embracing your new life in South Ravines.


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