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It all starts with real people (and families) in our homes.

The Alquinn Way starts with each team member knowing that behind each home we build is a real person and a real family that is investing in themselves and their lives. We know that each space is personal, and we want to build and support this with pride and integrity (so life can happen in a meaningful way).

As a team, we work collaboratively on a foundation of trust and transparency. We own our mistakes and seek to correct them quickly, improving and learning as we go – in order to keep moving forward.

We never forget that we are all serving our customers – from dreaming their home to building their life.

Our values

Taking charge and taking responsibility.
Collectively being accountable and empowered.
Transparency builds trust and confidence.
Being respected and appreciated, feeling connected.
A peaceful environment that creates ease and relief.
Uniform standards and processes are followed.
Structure and stability from complete and accurate work.

Our Vision: Heart of your Home. Core of the Community.

Where your life is the heart of your home and your connections are the core of the community.

Our Mission: Building Space for Life

We listen. We care. We build spaces for your living.

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