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   Picture living by a serene lake, where the gentle lapping of water against the shore sets the pace for your day. In Genesis on the Lakes, a premier residential community in Stony Plain, Alberta, you’ll find exactly that.

You’ll wake up to the sights and sounds of the water and experience the calmness that comes with close proximity to nature’s best.  Whether you’re savoring your morning coffee on the deck or taking a leisurely stroll around the water’s edge, the lake adds a dimension of peace to routine activities.

However, the appeal of lakeside living offers more than having a great view. From housing options to enhanced privacy, we’ll break down 4 major benefits to lakeside living in Genesis on the Lakes.

Let’s begin!

1.  Abundant Recreational Opportunities

Stepping out of your home and being greeted by a beautiful, expansive 7-acre lake is a delight for paddle-sport lovers. Whether you’re gliding in a kayak or appreciating the wildlife, the lake and its two companion ponds are year-round invitations to unwind on the water. There’s never a dull moment for water aficionados.

You don’t have to venture far for a family picnic or a friendly soccer match; the community’s green spaces are vast and inviting. Parks and playgrounds are dotted throughout, perfect for an afternoon of play or relaxation. Plus, a nature lover’s paradise awaits in the form of treed walking and biking trails. These trails are not just about staying fit, they’re about experiencing nature’s calm, with every step and pedal.

Your quest for variety in recreation is easily fulfilled with nearby facilities. Want to swing a club? The Stony Plain Golf Course is a stone’s throw away. How about a day at the gym or a splash in the pool? The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre is just a short drive, offering a wide range of activities. Basketball, tennis, and other sports courts are also readily available, ensuring you have every opportunity to play the sports you love.

Remember, when you’re living in Genesis on the Lakes, you’re not just choosing a home—you’re choosing an active, vibrant lifestyle close to nature’s embrace.

2.  Architecturally Controlled Development

When you envision your dream home in a community like Genesis on The Lakes, you’re not just looking at the house itself, but the entire canvas it sits on. Here, high-quality home designs are a standard, thanks to a thoughtful approach to architectural control.

These guidelines are like an artist’s strokes on canvas, ensuring each home complements its neighbors. The result? You get picturesque streetscapes, boosting not just your curb appeal but also helping to keep property values buoyant. It’s about harmony — individual homes coming together to create a visually stunning neighborhood.

The beauty of this development is that while there’s a consistent aesthetic, your personal style isn’t lost. Think of it as an assurance — knowing that your investment is protected by a unified, upscale design philosophy. Your home will be part of a larger, beautiful community that offers both individuality and conformity, and that’s something truly special.

3.  Serene Natural Environment

Imagine waking up each morning to the gentle whisper of trees and the soft murmuring of water. This is what you can expect when you step into the surroundings of Genesis on the Lakes. Your backyard is simply a gateway to a sprawling 7-acre lake and shimmering ponds that beckon for you to enjoy a moment of peace.

You’ve got nature’s canvas unfolding right in front of you, with paths lined by mature trees that invite leisurely walks or invigorating jogs. Breathe in, and let the fresh air, devoid of the city’s clamor, fill your lungs. The greenery and water not only enchant the eyes but also serve as a natural refuge for your mental well-being.

Living next to water has its perks, proven to help lower anxiety and boost feelings of tranquility. The presence of water, combined with generous green spaces, creates a therapeutic energy that can turn any routine evening into a peaceful retreat. Your home becomes a sanctuary that fosters relaxation and offers picturesque views, always reminding you of the simple pleasures of life.

4.  Enhanced Privacy and Space

Picture yourself living where space isn’t a luxury—it’s the standard. In Genesis on the Lakes, you’ve got the room to stretch out with half-acre estate lots and generously sized single-family lots. This isn’t your typical cramped neighborhood where you can practically shake hands with a neighbor through the window. Here, you’re getting a sanctuary built with privacy in mind.

You’ll find Genesis homes intelligently positioned to celebrate openness and serenity. Imagine waking up to a canvas of water and nature, with the assurance that your peaceful view is just that—peaceful and private.

Alquinn Homes at Genesis on the Lakes


If you’re exploring the idea of lakeside living, picture yourself in an Alquinn Home at Genesis on the Lakes. Known for excellence in building, Alquinn Homes crafts residences that are as functional as they are beautiful. Not only will you find aesthetically pleasing designs, but the homes are also built with quality and energy efficiency in mind.

For those itching to move in quickly without the typical wait associated with new homes, Alquinn offers quick possession homes in Genesis on the Lakes. These homes mean you can start your lakeside adventure almost immediately! And if the thought of yard work dampens your spirits, don’t worry. Services like landscaping and exterior maintenance are part of the package, making for a truly low-maintenance lifestyle.

Contact Alquinn Homes today to make lakeside living a reality. Call 780-217-2442 or email



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