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If you’re in the market for a new home and eager to cut down on the wait, quick possession homes should be on your radar. Consider the convenience of walking into a brand new space that’s not only move-in ready but also eliminates the often lengthy and unpredictable construction process. It’s almost like being offered a VIP pass to a life-changing event, where you bypass the long lines and gain immediate entry.

But there’s a lot more to quick possession homes than just reduced waiting times. From fixed pricing to discounts to incentives, we’ll break down the major advantages of buying quick-possession homes. Plus, we’ll highlight two stand-out homes that are prime examples.

Understanding Quick Possession Homes

Advantages of Quick Possesion Homes

Imagine you’ve found a beautiful, brand-new home that’s ready for you to move in almost immediately. That’s what you get with quick possession homes. They are designed to be snapped up and lived in within a short period, usually between 30 to 90 days. Unlike custom-built homes, which can take up to a year for completion, these properties provide a swift solution for move-in-ready home buyers.

Constructed with in-demand layouts and finishes, these houses mirror the latest in design preferences. The idea is to present a home that feels both modern and appealing without the long wait typically associated with new builds. And while they’re largely complete, you might still find a little wiggle room to add your personal touch.

Finding the right place can be a bit like speed dating—you want to know you’re making the right choice quickly. With a quick possession home, you can walk through the actual space, assess its quality, and start picturing your life there, all without the lengthy build process.


Financial Benefits of Quick Possession Homes

When considering the financial aspects of quick possession homes, there are several reasons they can be more cost-effective compared to custom builds:

Incentives and Discounts

Builders might offer incentives or discounts on these homes to facilitate a quicker sale, potentially leading to substantial savings for you. This is a financial advantage over the typically higher costs associated with custom-built homes. Moreover, the quicker move-in times reduce the likelihood of paying for two mortgages at once, a common issue when waiting for a custom home to be completed.

Fixed Pricing

The price of a quick possession home is fixed from the start, incorporating all features and finishes. This clarity helps with budgeting and prevents the financial surprises often experienced in the custom home-building process, where upgrades can inflate costs.

Energy Savings

Quick-possession homes usually come with the latest in energy-efficient designs and appliances, which can translate to reduced utility bills every month. Additionally, the newness of these homes means less immediate outlay for maintenance or repairs—savings that are further enhanced by new home warranties. 

Locked in Mortgage Rate

Lastly, the ability to lock in a mortgage rate due to the defined closing date removes the uncertainty and potential cost fluctuations associated with the longer timelines of custom builds.

With potential great savings in mind, what are some quick possession homes worth considering?


#1 Quick Possession Home Spotlight: 1138 Genesis Lane Blvd

Devon HomesImagine waking up in your luxurious 1,696 sq. ft. bungalow, sunlight reflecting off the water just beyond your backyard. At 1138 Genesis Lane Blvd, that serene morning is not just a dream. This quick possession home, complete with a large island and stacked cabinets in the kitchen, premium appliances, and a spa-inspired master ensuite, offers a lifestyle upgrade that’s within your grasp.

Move in within 30-90 days, and forget the hassle of the long build process. Settle quickly into the peacefulness of Genesis on the Lakes, with the tranquil pond views right outside your window. The triple-car garage and a fully finished basement provide ample space for storage and recreation, adding value to every corner of this meticulously designed home.

Devon Homes

Located in the heart of a prestigious neighborhood, your quick possession home is surrounded by walking trails and a seven-acre lake ideal for an active, outdoor lifestyle. The amenities around you cater to leisurely afternoons and weekend adventures alike. And with Stony Plain’s blend of small-town ambiance and essential amenities, you’re investing in a quality of life that’s rare to find.

#2 Quick Possession Home Spotlight: 15 Emerald Way, Easton Spruce

Devon Homes

Picture stepping into your new home, the Aurora model, with its modern, open-concept design. This 1,498 sq. ft. residence emphasizes a welcoming feel with its combined living/dining area and a kitchen that offers the perfect backdrop for family gatherings or a serene space to enjoy your morning coffee. The upstairs doesn’t skimp on space either, boasting a loft, multiple large bedrooms, convenient laundry, and a master suite that’s your private haven.

Advantages of Quick Possesion Homes

The allure of quick possession homes like this is the speed at which you can call them your own. You could be arranging furniture and hanging photos in as little as 30 days, sidestepping the long build times associated with custom homes. And with Alquinn Homes, rapid possession never compromises on quality—you’ll get a newly built home complete with the perks of current construction standards and design trends, not to mention the safety net of a new home warranty.

This home doesn’t just hum with modern charm—it’s practical too. With a detached double garage, the latest kitchen appliances, and charming accents like built-in mudroom cubicles, you’re set from day one. 


Let Alquinn Guide You to Your Ideal Quick Possession Home

Buying a house is a big step, but going with a quick possession home can simplify the journey. No,       waiting on construction, no surprises—you see what you get, and you get it fast. So why not grab the opportunity? A beautiful, ready-made home could be just a few signatures away, thanks to the variety of modern, quality home options available to you.

For all your quick possession questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert home consultants to explore what could be your new home.


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