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Considering a change of scenery that blends small-town charm with natural beauty? Devon, Alberta, might be the breath of fresh air you’re searching for. This small town, home to roughly 7,000 residents, offers the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventure enthusiasts and is an ideal place for raising a family, thanks to its welcoming community vibe and affordable housing options.

As one of the premier home builders in Greater Edmonton, Alquinn Homes creates new residences in Devon’s South Ravines, tailored to meet diverse needs, ensuring each space feels perfectly like home.

Let’s explore three compelling reasons why relocating to Devon could be the small-town switch you’ve been dreaming of.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Recreation

When you picture Devon, Alberta, picture natural wonders sprawled along the North Saskatchewan River. Imagine yourself walking along the riverbank or dipping your toes in the water at one of the many beaches. The river valley, a gateway to the great outdoors, invites you to connect with nature in a spectacular setting.

In Devon, you can explore a variety of outdoor activities on foot or by bike, thanks to approximately 14 km of multi-use paved trails. These paths are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a leisurely stroll or an exhilarating bike ride.

For those who prefer to venture deeper into nature, Voyageur Park also provides opportunities to hike among the trees, engage in bird watching, or navigate snow-covered trails on skis or snowshoes during the winter months.

In Devon, the charm of nature complements your outdoor pursuits, whether you’re trekking through snow-covered paths or watching the gentle movement of the river.

Small Town Charm with Big City Amenities

Moving to Devon means you get the best of both worlds—a close-knit community vibe paired with the perks of city life just a stone’s throw away. Imagine living where everybody knows your name, yet you’re a mere 20-minute drive away from Edmonton’s bustling city scene.

That’s right, you can engage in premium shopping, dive into cultural entertainment, and even expand your career opportunities without the hustle and noise at your doorstep. With a 14km trail network ideal for biking, nature strolls, or a soul-refreshing hike, residents enjoy a slice of nature’s pie without skimping on urban conveniences.

Furthermore, entrepreneurship blossoms in Devon, supported by business-friendly local policies, adding to the town’s economic vitality.

So, if you fancy the neighborly feel of local businesses and community camaraderie, yet still covet quick trips to the city for a taste of Edmonton’s vibrant lifestyle, Devon just might be your next perfect home.

Affordable Living

When you’re contemplating a move, affordable living is often a top concern. In Devon, housing costs are a breath of fresh air, especially if you’re accustomed to the hustle of bigger cities.

You’ll likely find renting in Devon much more budget-friendly than urban centers. Although exact rent figures for Devon aren’t readily available, surrounding rural areas typically boast lower rental rates than those in Edmonton, making Devon an attractive option for those looking to save on housing.

Now, what about the cost of living? Devon has a cost of living index of 87, nudging out Edmonton’s 90. This essentially means that living in Devon can be nearly 13% cheaper overall. From groceries to utilities, and even transportation – your dollar stretches further here.

Tax time might even bring a smile to your face, since Alberta residents enjoy no provincial sales tax. That’s more money in your pocket for the things that matter to you and your family.

In Devon, the joy of small-town life comes without the hefty price tag often associated with big city living. It’s a charming balance that ensures you have the essentials covered while still having enough for those leisurely pursuits along Devon’s scenic trails and nature spots.

Make the Move to Devon With Alquinn Homes

Devon might just be the best-kept secret when you and your family are considering a place to call home. Moving here means saying yes to an affordable lifestyle where the average detached home is more reachable—making the dream of homeownership a reality for many.

Picture waking up in a new home in South Ravines, where you’re greeted by nature’s serenity, yet you’re just a stone’s throw from urban convenience. You’ll enjoy a cost of living that’s nearly unbeatable, with a living index that hints at thriftier grocery bills, utility costs, and transportation expenses. This is your chance to carve out a life where your earnings go the distance, covering more than just the basics.

So, consider this your invitation to explore how Alquinn Homes can facilitate your move to a community where affordability meets quality living. Schedule a visit to immerse yourself in the welcoming spirit of Devon and experience firsthand the value offered by Alquinn Homes.

Your dream home in Devon awaits!

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