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Thinking of making a fresh start or upgrading your living environment? Genesis on the Lakes invites you to experience a blend of natural beauty and contemporary living. Located just 17 kilometers west of Edmonton, this beautiful 140-acre community offers spacious lots, architecturally diverse homes, and a scenic backdrop of lakes and trails for your everyday enjoyment.

Perfect for various stages of life, from family fostering to serenity-seeking retirees, let’s explore six top reasons why the Genesis on the Lakes community in Stony Plain should be at the top of your move list.

1. Architecturally Controlled Development



When you picture your dream neighborhood, you likely imagine well-designed homes that all contribute to a beautiful, cohesive look, right? That’s the cornerstone of Genesis on the Lakes—each house is part of a bigger picture. Architectural guidelines are in place to ensure that every home contributes to the neighborhood’s upscale feel and cohesive aesthetic.

Let’s paint a picture–-your future home could sit amongst houses with approved finishes, surrounded by thoughtful landscaping that meshes with the community’s overall vibe. You’ve got a wide palette of architectural styles to choose from, within the realms of good taste and high quality, naturally. No cookie-cutter homes here, but a visually stunning community where each property complements its neighbors.

Now, you might wonder about leaving your own mark on the place. Good news: while there’s a recommended list of builders, you’re welcome to bring your own—assuming they play by the rules of the game, that is. Plans and designs go through an approval process ensuring that they meet the high standards of Genesis on the Lakes. This keeps everything looking sharp and maintains the neighborhood’s reputation as a prestigious community.

And let’s talk about the perks of such control. Aside from a neighborhood that’s easy on the eyes, there’s the nitty-gritty of property values—they tend to hold up better in areas that look good, where every home adds to the charm. Imagine years from now, your investment standing strong amidst a community of elegant homes. That’s the power of an architecturally controlled development.

2. Family-Friendly Amenities

At the heart of Genesis on the Lakes lies a vast 7-acre lake, perfect for those who love to be on the water. Imagine kayaking or canoeing on calm waters, or teaching your little ones to fish in the serenity of your own neighborhood. It’s an active living space designed with your family in mind.

Encircling the water are lush, green expanses and playgrounds, providing a safe haven for kids to frolic and parents to unwind. Whether you’re hosting a family picnic or kicking a ball around, these green spaces and parks are your go-to spots for creating family memories.

For your daily conveniences, the neighbourhood commercial plaza covers all your bases with its close-to-home daycare, pharmacy, and other essential amenities. This means less time driving to and from errands and more quality time with those who matter most.

Treed walking trails meander through the community, providing a mix of leisure and exploration. These shaded paths are perfect for family strolls, your morning jog, or a peaceful bike ride with your kids, all while being surrounded by nature’s calm.

In mere minutes, you can reach various recreational facilities in Stony Plain, including sports fields, courts, and the Transalta Tri Leisure Centre. Your family’s active lifestyle will thrive with these amenities so conveniently close by.

Lastly, the proximity to schools in the community means that your children’s education is just a short drive away. From kindergarten through high school, the local educational facilities offer your family ease and excellence, merging community life with learning opportunities.

3. Stunning Natural Environment

Imagine stepping outside your door and being greeted by the beauty of a seven-acre lake, its calm waters reflecting the sky above. Welcome to Genesis on the Lakes, where such experiences are part of daily life.

In addition to the main lake, you’ll find two smaller ponds within the community. These water features are perfect for moments of contemplation or watching the sunset after a long day. They also serve as a habitat for local wildlife, bringing nature to your doorstep.

But the water isn’t all that Genesis on the Lakes offers. The area is woven with expansive green spaces and parks, designed for you to play, relax, and connect with neighbors. Whether you’re tossing a frisbee, enjoying a picnic, or watching your children explore the playground, there’s space for every activity.

Connecting these spaces is a network of treed walking trails that crisscross the neighbourhood. They offer a shaded retreat to jog, stroll or cycle while breathing in the fresh air.

Choosing Genesis on the Lakes means embracing a life where nature is not just a view, but a lifestyle. It’s about wellbeing, outdoor activities, and enjoying every shade of green wherever you go.

4. Proximity to Edmonton

If you’ve got your sights set on Genesis on the Lakes, you’ll find yourself just a short scenic drive away from Edmonton’s vibrant city life. You’ll take Highway 16A, popularly known as Yellowhead Trail, and before you know it, you’re soaking in the urban sprawl of Edmonton in just 30-40 minutes.

Getting to Edmonton is a breeze, thanks to the well-planned roads like Highway 16A heading east. Plus, with Highway 779, connecting to various parts of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is within easy reach.

5. Shopping and Retail Amenities

When you live in Genesis on the Lakes in Stony Plain, the Genesis Centre is your go-to spot for grabbing everyday essentials. Just steps away from your front door, you’ll find local pharmacies, inviting restaurants, and even places for a fresh hairdo. Gas up your car or grab a quick snack at the 7/11—it’s all there at your convenience.

Needing more variety? You’re covered with a wide selection of nearby dining options and local boutiques, ensuring your taste buds and your wardrobe stay refreshed. Sorrentino’s Cucina & Bar offers a dining experience worth staying local for, complemented by additional restaurants just a quick drive away.

For those who prefer a local shopping experience, quaint shops around Stony Plain offer that personal touch not found in big chain stores. And if fresh produce or unique handmade items are what you seek, nearby farmer’s markets are a treasure trove of local produce and crafts.

Whether it’s the convenience of nearby services or the charm of small-town commerce, your consumer needs won’t just be met—they’ll be exceeded.

6. Beautiful Genesis Villa Homes

When considering your move to Genesis on the Lakes, you’ll discover the Genesis Villas. Crafted by Alquinn Homes, these dwellings blend luxury with comfort, creating a space you can proudly call your own. Imagine stepping into a modern architectural masterpiece that not only captures the essence of innovation but also retains that cozy feel of home.

Let’s breakdown two Genesis Villa homes constructed by Alquinn Homes that are available for the taking.

332 Genesis Villas

With brand new construction at 332 Genesis Villas, you’ll be the first to lay down roots in a space that’s fresh off its final touches in 2023. “The Jackson” is a 3 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom home design with an open concept layout, connecting the living room, dining space, and modern kitchen.

This plan includes three bedrooms upstairs, including a master with a 4-piece ensuite bathroom, plus an additional main bathroom and conveniently located laundry. Priced at $380,000, The Jackson spans 1,510 sq.ft., making it an ideal choice for those who want to maximize living space and comfort.

334 Genesis Villas

Step into “The Casey,” a corner unit that boasts even more space than “The Jackson”. This brand-new home is thoughtfully priced at $409,000 and spans 1,597 sq.ft., offering ample space for comfort and creativity.

This home 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home provides ample storage solutions, including an attached double car garage, perfect for vehicles and additional storage. Complete landscaping and a deck enhance the outdoor living space, making it perfect for relaxation or entertaining.

Situated in the desirable Genesis on the Lakes community, residents of “The Casey” and “The Jackson” enjoy proximity to parks, walking trails, and a commercial plaza. Essential shopping and dining options are just around the corner, ensuring you have everything you need within a short distance.

Make Your Move to Genesis on The Lakes With Alquinn Homes

You’ve explored the charm of Genesis on the Lakes, where modern living balances with nature’s splendor. It’s easy to see why this community stands out: spacious lots, a focus on natural beauty, and essential amenities nearby provide a lifestyle that delivers peace without sacrificing convenience. From young families to retirees, Genesis on the Lakes offers a nurturing environment for all.

Before making your final decision, consider how the sunset over the lake could be the backdrop of your daily life. The promise of building not just a house, but a home in a vibrant community awaits. If you feel Genesis on the Lakes calling, take the next step by contacting Alquinn Homes today.



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