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Summary of the Opportunity

We are looking for an experienced New Home Sales Executive to help effect change within our organization, get their hands dirty, and help us build-out the incredible customer experience that matches the build quality that Alquinn is most known for.

This will be a challenging role, and the ideal candidate will be able to affect real change on our sales processes, customer service, and brand promises. We’re looking for you to come in and make a difference! (Because you’re the type of person that constantly sees opportunities to make small improvements which have a big impact.)

Why Alquinn? Why are our homes great to sell?

We build homes better and faster (without cutting corners) than anybody else. Our customers also have unparalleled access to the building site as their new home is being built. (Our trades even turn down the music when your customers arrive.)

We’re a small, family-owned, agile team that’s built hundreds of homes over the past 10 years and we’re known as the builder’s builder (yes, we also secretly build for other builders). Many of our trades even live in Alquinn homes – which says everything. If you love not just selling homes but being part of the building process, then you’ll feel at home here.

More on what we’re looking for from you!

You love getting your hands in the dirt and concrete, the smell of fresh cut lumber, and buying flowers to congratulate new homeowners. You speak Construction as a second language but you also take pride in obsessively filling-out prefect paperwork for the biggest investment your customers are ever going to make in their life. You’re a free spirit, fiercely independent, relentless and driven until it is done right.

With this smaller company you’ll be intimately engaged with customers in every step of a dynamic design-build process, from plans to excavation to finishes. You want your voice to be heard, your ideas to count and you’re bold about offering suggestions for continuous improvement, raising the excellence bar every time.

And if you think that’s enough of a fit: we also need you to love problem-solving, dealing with an historically challenging time to build anything (current lumber shortage), and not afraid of the reality of such situations and the hard conversations you (sometimes) might need to have.

Where is Alquinn now?

As a company, we are undergoing a transformation. We make a great product: homes that are better and faster built than our competition. We’ve never compromised our standards for construction and we have a reputation for the best managed construction sites in the residential industry. BUT, the challenges of 2020 and 2021 have created some current struggles that we’re not proud of. With that said, we are not a team that gives up – and if you’re not either – we hope to be talking with you soon.

Ready to apply?
We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table!

Our process for hiring the right person:

  1. Detailed application form
  2. First interview
  3. Final interview
  4. Formal offer
  5. Candidate chosen


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