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Summary of the Opportunity

Alquinn is looking for the right person to lead our head office.

We want a head office “captain”, someone with solid knowledge and wide experience in the world of home building. From the office purchasing to contract process, from the construction process on site to the sales process with the customer – as a candidate for this job, you understand how important it is for these key areas of the business to work together. Seamlessly, like plywood.

We also want someone with a strong local track record, and a reputation of having worked with local trades and suppliers, who’ll have your back. It takes a village to build a home and you’ll have worked with some of the best out there. That’s the only way to build the best homes, on time.

Why Alquinn? We’re the builder’s builder.

We’re a small, family-owned, agile team that’s built hundreds of homes over the past 10 years and we’re known as the builder’s builder (yes, we also secretly build for other builders). Many of our trades even live in Alquinn homes – which says everything about our reputation for excellence in the industry.

One of our pillars (load bearing for sure) is enriched customer engagement. Our homeowners relish in the memorable experience of having been a part of the build of their new home. You’ll be championing the office team to ensure that the build process is seamless and fully supported. You’ll also be instrumental in serving the sales team to ensure that the customer journey flows powerfully from turning leads into turning keys.

Bottom line: The office has to work as hard and to the same exceptional standards that our building sites are managed. The office is a take-charge, take-responsibility, take-ownership hive with everyone pulling together to drive results, while being creative in our problem-solving and appreciating everyone’s unique gifts. In simple terms, we make damn sure the roof is on and we’re at lock-up (faster than anyone else) before we play!

Examples of the dual roles of this position

Here are some tangible examples of what we’re looking for:

  • Head Office Champion (Management role)
    • Ensuring outcomes and delivering results (which we’ll define together so you’ll have clarity and the ability to implement)
    • Building new systems and processes (or improving the ones we have)
    • Improving our selections process (and possible upgrades clients might want)
    • Helping to install stronger accountability in timeline and project management
    • Improving the accuracy and completeness of almost everything we touch
  • Customer Service Director (Customer Experience role)
    • Leading the welcome committee when customers walk in our front door
    • Ensuring floorplans reach customers for signoff in a timely manner.
    • Championing the customer experience in partnership with the sales team and pushing the entire company to show up at its best for our customers
    • Transitioning a customer through to taking possession with our warranty team (and caring about the customer if there is a future issue)
    • Building customer support systems that are a cut above the rest

More on what we’re looking for from you!

You are a part of the home building industry in Northern Alberta / Greater Edmonton Area.

Leading our head office will require someone with strong leadership skills, who is personable, and cares about office culture. We’re working to enhance our team’s internal environment and re-invent how we approach the business processes that surround the construction process (we’re strongest at construction).

The head office acts as the glue (think PL Premium Max!) between the sales team and the construction team. As the Captain of our head office, you’ll be working to lead and empower a team of people responsible for our drafting and final sign off, purchasing and contracting, general customer support, as well as helping to grow our upgrades and selections department.

If you’re looking for a job where you can sit and direct things from the shadows, this is not the job for you. Our ideal candidate is going to come into this role hungry to make positive change, to be hands on, and help create new and improved systems and servicing through leading by example.

You will report directly to John and Shannon (the Alquinn ownership team).

Where is Alquinn now?
(And where we need leaders like you to get us to.)

We’re drafting our blueprint for the next 10 years. The time is now and the time is right for us to grow and build our team. We build great houses and we build them better and faster than anyone else. But that’s just the foundation. Now, we’re looking to lead the way forward.

There are unique opportunities available for a company our size. We’re big enough to have figured out things while small enough to offer lots of headroom to grow with our family. We’re striking a balance between standards and spontaneity, process and playfulness, exacting enough to exceed the code but agile enough to afford innovation. It is a tall order but it is worth striving for.

Ready to apply?

We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table!

Our process for hiring the right person:

  1. Detailed application form with key questions
  2. First interview (John and Shannon)
  3. Second interview (include Michael and Solid)
  4. Meet the Team (involve the whole office team, in a final group interview)
  5. Formal offer (John)
  6. Candidate chosen

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